Cyprus Wedding Packages: Our expertise focuses on striving for perfection and our many years in this business has given us the know-how and capabilities to make your Cyprus wedding unique. We realise however that everyone needs a 'bottom-line' cost to work within their budgets and this is why we offer more than twenty package options. All these options are flexible/upgradeable and we certainly don't treat you like a number like some other wedding planners and tour operators. The basis of our packages is your 'blank canvas' - feel free to take out or add as you wish- most of our happy couples do!

Rest assured, we have the right mix of energy, patience, creativity and knowledge to make your wedding everything you want it to be. Weddings in Cyprus is our primary business - and we like to think of ourselves as market leaders in terms of being specialist wedding planners - meaning we don't do weddings as a sideline to property, hotels and tourism for example. Go ahead and mix and match our services to create your dream wedding - horse and carriage, traditional Greek dancers, fireworks! Make a statement!– it’s your big day!!

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