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Wedding Dinner Menus at the Elea Club
Elea Club Wedding Menus

BBQ Menu A

minimum of 40 guests

(surcharge will apply for smaller groups)

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *



Green salad with chickpeas, zucchini & kefalotyri cheese

Baby spinach salad with sour cream mushrooms & croutons

Red onion, celery & sliced tomato salad

Eléa salad

Beetroot & feta cheese salad

Cyprus style potato salad

Mediterranean rice salad with vegetables

Selection of dips - tahini, tzatziki and moutabal

Olives, capers & pickled vegetables

Assorted dressings & condiments

Pita bread


From the grill

Chicken souvla

Cajun – style spiced boneless pork chops

Lamb kofta with cumin

Rosemary marinated chicken


Grilled sheftalia


Side dishes

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables

Baked potatoes with sour cream & chives



Chocolate brownie cake

Vanilla panna cotta

Fruit crumble

White and dark chocolate mousse

Fresh Seasonal Fruits

BBQ Menu B

minimum of 40 guests

(surcharge will apply for smaller groups)

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *



Spinach, rocket & feta salad with citrus dressing

Halloumi, watermelon & mint salad

Baby shrimp, avocado & mango salad with lime dressing

Stir fried wild mushroom salad with garlic, balsamic & olive oil dressing

Caesar salad

Tomato shells with goat cheese

Pomegranate tabbouleh

Potato salad with spring onions, parsley, olive oil & lemon

Shredded summer slaw

Avocado yoghurt


Selection of dips - houmous, tzatziki and melitzanosalata


Salad bar: green salad, black & green olives, pickled vegetables

Assorted dressings & condiments

Pita, village & olive bread


From the grill

Chicken skewers marinated with lemon & basil

Lamb chops with olive oil & rosemary

Beef medallions with garlic & thyme

Grilled sea bass fillets

Pork souvla

Grilled Angus burgers


Side dishes

Roasted vegetables

Chunky chips

Vegetable pasta bake



Mango passion crème brûlée

Strawberry panna cotta

Fresh berry tiramisu

Vanilla mille-feuille

Lemon mousse

Warm apple and raisin crumble with vanilla sauce

Chocolate orange tart

Cyprus Buffet Menu

minimum of 40 guests

(surcharge will apply for smaller groups)

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *



Selection of dips – houmous, tahini and melitzanosalata

Eléa Salad

Tomato shells with goat cheese

Roasted artichoke salad

Vegetable pane with yoghurt dressing

Green salad with chickpeas, zucchini & kefalotyri cheese

Quinoa & feta salad with roasted vegetables

Stuffed vine leaves with rice

Octopus with olive oil & parsley

Mediterranean rice salad with vegetables

Mixed olives, capers & pickled vegetables

Strained yoghurt with mint

Selection of dressings & condiments


Hot Dishes

Pork souvla

Stuffed chicken with halloumi & sundried tomatoes

Sea bass with lemon butter sauce

Marinated grilled lamb chops




Side Dishes

Cyprus style roast potatoes

Pourgouri (bulgar wheat)

Roasted market vegetables



Famagusta orange cake

Mixed fruit tartlets

Lemon meringue tart

Chocolate brownies

Variety of macaroons

Assorted baklava

Sliced seasonal fruits

Cyprus Meze Menu

maximum of 50guests

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *


Cold Starters

Melitzanosalata | Houmous | Tzatziki

Strained Yoghurt with Mint

Eléa Salad

Beetroot and Feta Salad

Cyprus Style Potato Salad


Hot Starters

Fried Black Olives | Onions | Fresh Coriander

Grilled Halloumi

Fried Cyprus Sausage

Octopus Salad | Olive Oil | Lemon

Spinach with Egg

Hot Pita Bread


Main Course

Chicken Thighs | Olive Oil | Lemon | Thyme

Pork Souvlaki

Lamb Chops | Rosemary


Fried Calamari

Roast Potatoes | Tomato | Oregano

Grilled Vegetables | Herbs |Olive Oil



Lemon tart

Strawberry Panna Cotta

Chocolate Brownies


Sliced Fresh Fruits

Elea Set Menu options

Maximum 50 people

(Choose a maximum of three dishes from each course from the below for your guests to choose from, including vegetarian options.)


 *  *  *  *  *  *  *



Grilled vegetables | goat cheese smoothie | tomato salsa (v)

Scottish smoked salmon | garden greens | red onion | capers berries | lime aioli

Caesar salad | romaine lettuce | garlic croutons | parmesan shavings | anchovies | traditional dressing

Sautéed mushrooms | creamy garlic sauce (v)

Baked calamari stuffed with feta cheese | tomatoes | peppers

Breaded brie | micro salad | cranberry jelly (v)


Main course

Mushroom risotto | parmesan flakes | truffle oil (v)

Stuffed aubergine | tomatoes | gratinated cheese | mixed leaf salad (v)  

Chicken breast | roast sweet potatoes | seasonal vegetables | lemon butter sauce

Lamb shank | fondant potatoes | provençal vegetables | sweet garlic reduction

Pork fillet | creamy mash potato | roasted seasonal vegetables | mustard sauce

Salmon fillet | creamy risotto | asparagus | baby spinach

Sea bass | sweet potatoes | green beans | broccoli | baby carrots | lemon sauce

King prawn linguine | spinach | chilli | garlic | rocket


The below main courses can be included at a supplement

Rib eye steak | potato cake | braised root vegetables | jus

Beef fillet | roast potatoes | grilled vegetables | mushroom sauce



Chocolate fondant | vanilla ice cream

Crème brûlée| mango salad

Tiramisu | chocolate ice cream

Vanilla Panna cotta | berry compote

Sticky toffee date pudding | butterscotch sauce

Lemon meringue tart | fresh cream

The menus shown below is available at a supplement

International Buffet Menu

Minimum 40 people

Menu available at a supplement

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *



Glass noodles with seafood and asparagus

Tomato and mozzarella salad with pesto dressing

Chicken and papaya salad with spring onions

Selection of cold meze – houmous, moutabal, tabbouleh and baba ghanoush

Salad of fennel, cucumber and orange

Thai beef salad

Grilled octopus salad with potato, olive oil and Spanish paprika

Pumpkin, halloumi & rocket salad

Baby spinach salad with sour cream mushrooms and croutons

Chilled gazpacho shots


Hot Dishes

Chicken teriyaki

Grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce

Spanish style pork stew and bayildi

Grilled sea bass fillets with garlic herb butter

Cheese gratin vegetable lasagne


From the carving station (Please Select One)

Roast pork

Roast leg of lamb

Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings


Side Dishes

Roast potatoes with rosemary & thyme

Rice pilaff

Stir-fried vegetables with fresh herbs



Warm apple and raisin crumble with vanilla sauce

Mango passion crème brûlée

Strawberry panna cotta

Cheesecake with forest fruits

Chocolate orange cake

Vanilla & strawberry mille-feuille

White and dark chocolate mousse

Fresh fruit salad

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