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Cyprus Dream Weddings at the Liopetro wedding venue, Pahos Cyprus beach hotels, private luxury villas, Alassos beach wedding venue, Atlantida beach wedding venue, luxury yachts, rustic wedding venues, the green olive taverna, vasilias inn, coral beach hotel, Olympic Lagoon for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

Church Weddings Paphos Cyprus

Cyprus Religious Weddings by Cyprus Dream Weddings

Religious wedding ceremonies in Cyprus can either be an Anglican Wedding (Church of England), a Catholic Wedding (and Maronite Catholic) or an Orthodox Wedding. We have some beautiful chapels with a unique style available and you can see the full details below. Anglican weddings can be performed at either one of the churches below but also at the grounds of a hotel or by the beach. Catholic and Orthodox weddings can only take place at one of the below chapels. Religious blessings and renewal of wedding vows are also possible at one of the chapels.

Wedding Packages Available

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