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Cyprus wedding planners Wedding Venue Brochure Alassos, Liopetro, Coral Residences, Vasilias Inn, Paliomonastiro, Olympic Lagoon, Alexander the Great, Kefalos, Atlantida

Cyprus Dream Weddings Venues Brochure

Getting married in Cyprus wedding brochure

More information about Cyprus Dream Wedding organisers and the romantic island of Cyprus.

You have already decided that you want to get married abroad but, with so many countries and options available, you still need to decide on where and how. Obviously, we're biased towards our island but, that aside, the beauty, climate and affordability of Cyprus makes is a prime 'wedding moon' destination. This is why we have created this printer-friendly brochure for you to download so that you can take your time to decide.

There are a number of companies, both in Cyprus and the UK, who can arrange your wedding in Paphos and most do it well – we're not going to knock our competition. However, we are an established company with many years of experience in organising and planning Cyprus weddings and working closely with UK tour operators. We personally guarantee you our total commitment to you and your wedding because we really do care.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope that your wedding day is all that you want it to be and we wish you much happiness together in the future.

Click the image below to download our brochure

Cyprus Wedding Venues Brochure
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