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Legalities in Getting Married in Paphos Cyprus

The legalities and documentation required for getting married in Paphos Cyprus



You must each have your own Single Status Statutory Declaration confirming that you are free to get married.  These must include your full name as per passport, address, nationality, passport number and state whether single, divorced or widowed; that you intend to marry in Cyprus; and be signed and stamped by either a UK solicitor or a Notary Public.


Note that the Single Status Declaration is only valid for three months.


You will find a template attached to this email to help you with this – please delete all RED writing as these are guidance notes for you only.


When a Solicitor or Notary Public certifies your Single Status Declaration, the following requirements must be met:


  • They sign the document in their own name (Not a company signature, or a PP signature);

  • They must have a valid Practicing Certificate with the relevant UK regulatory body (SRA) and are registered with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office;

  • They certify the document whilst you are in the UK;

  • They clearly print or stamp their name, their title, and stamp with the details of their company;

  • They state a certification where required (e.g. “I hereby certify that ...”)

  • If applicable, they need to include an original embossed/wet ink seal;

  • The date of their certification.


Once you have this document you must sent this to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for an Apostille Stamp – see below on how to obtain this.



Scottish Nationals can obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from the local registry office (note, this document takes 28 days to be issued).  Or you can obtain the Single Status Declaration from a Solicitor or Notary Public if you prefer.


Note that if you are obtaining a Certificate of No Impediment, then you will not need a Single Status Declaration from a solicitor as well!


Please note that this document will need to be sent to the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office an Apostille Stamp at the back.




For the legalisation i.e. Apostille of your Single Status Declarations, this should be done by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, as per the following instructions:


  • The document must be signed, certified, and dated by a UK Practicing Solicitor or Notary Public before being submitted to this office.



  • Please send your original No Trace Letter for the Apostille, not a photocopy.


  • Please send your original Single Status Declarations for Apostille, not a photocopy.


Note that all documents that require an Apostille Stamp can be sent to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office all at the same time




  • Irish Nationals must obtain Freedom to Marry Certificate from the department of foreign affairs in Ireland or the Irish Embassy in the UK.  Please note the above certificates are only valid for 3 months so please ensure that they do not expire before your wedding day.




Plus you will also need to provide:-


  • Valid Passports;

  • Birth certificates – LONG FORM;

  • Copies of your witnesses passports;


If applicable:-


  • Original decree absolute if divorced, which must be dated more than 42 days prior to the application of the Special Marriage License. 

    Important to note for your Decree Absolute – if the Court Stamp is black this indicates that the document was issued electronically and in this case the document MUST BE certified by a Solicitor as a true copy prior to be being sent to the FCWO.  See example below.  The decree absolute must also receive an Apostille Stamp.

  • Have an original copy of the death certificate if widowed.  The death certificate must also receive an Apostille Stamp


  • Proof of parental consent if under 18, stamped and signed by a solicitor;


  • Proof of name change by Deed Poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor.  This document MUST BE certified by a Solicitor as a true copy prior to be being sent to the FCWO The Deed Poll or Change of Name Certificate must also receive an Apostille Stamp


  • Original Adoption certificates if adopted;

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