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Shannon & Jake - 25th May 2023 - Green Olive

Just wanted to start by saying a huge thank you to the wonderful Kerry. We couldn’t of had our day without her. Everything was perfect, no hiccups, it was just spot on in every way possible !

Flowers - they were just beautiful and so fresh ! I actually sent them back to the UK with the first guests that went home for them to be preserved into little bits and bobs which was much easier than k thought. I kept them in water, cut the best bits and wrapped in wet tissue then tin foil and I put as much as I could into a box and off they went ! They’re currently being done by a lovely lady - her Instagram name is Made by Mannie if you want them preserved, just not sure how. She will sort you out!

Make up - We had the lovely Avgi - couldn’t fault her - I showed her a picture of what I kinda wanted and she was spot on! I looked stunning, which isn’t something I say often but it was perfect ! I didn’t have a trial.. because sometimes I think when you like something, it’s hard to to the same thing twice. If your like me and happy to go with the flow.. there’s no need. All my bridesmaids loved their make up too !

Just a thing I thought I’d mention, lashes are not included so bring your own or pay a little extra ! It’s just something I wasn’t sure on!

Hair - Again, the lovely Koulla I showed her picture of kinda what I wanted ! And she did her thing and I just loved it. Again, I didn’t do a trial for the exact same reason. I am happy to go with the flow and it definitely paid off. made us all feel at ease and all the girls loved it too.

The Venue - Green Olive, wow ! We visited in 2020 and it hadn’t seen a wedding for a little while but as soon as we walked in I knew it was perfect. My partner loved it too which sold it even more so! Harris was brill, always so kind and just easy going. Kerry whipped him into shape when needed but everything was stunning, all our guests loved the venue in general but couldn’t believe how beautiful it actually was ! We wanted something a little different and it was magical !

Photographer - foto360cy - Fytos ! What a gent, he was a little crazy which both him and Kerry told me he was just so funny and made us all laugh and at such ease ! All our guests loved him and he blended right in. He is a perfectionist and knew the best spots and angles he wanted us in. He just knew his stuff. Cannot wait to see our professional pics which have actually been delivered within a week, unfortunately they’re in transit with my mum who stayed a few days longer with us but I am just so excited to see them.

DJ - George, what a lovely man. We did a little list of songs we wanted and then he did his thing with songs we would also like ! Our guests did some requests and he was happy to do so ! Loved it

Socially Michelle - if you haven’t heard of the team, Facebook and insta them !!! I found her before Christmas and wasn’t sure whether to book or not as we had a photographer ? But my god was it worth it. We had 100s of videos and pictures within 24 hours and it was just the best thing to see so quickly and to share. Katie was like my 4th Bridesmaid and blended in. We have some beautiful pics and videos to tide us over and we had such a laugh! wellllll worth having them!!!!!

My advice - don’t stress ! I was so chilled throughout I think? I emailed Kerry 1000 times in the first year and asked so many questions - she answered methodically and it always made sense. I was very understanding in the fact my wedding wasn’t for some time and that in the nicest way - wasn’t a priority just yet. Although if I did email, Kerry was on it but I tried not to. I did my best to leave the team to it until necessary! I know that we’re the ones getting married and we are important but if you wedding isn’t in the next month.. leave them to it our day was perfect, every single detail was perfect. You don’t need to worry in the slightest because the team and your planner is working so hard behind the scenes !

Bring Kerry Yorkshire tea and she will be a happy bunny

The morning of the wedding, I had no worries and just let myself just enjoy. I was just happy to see everyone and happy to see my now Husband.

Enjoy every minute and remember why your doing this.

Lots of love Xxxx


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